Green Digital Conference

The IX edition of the Bilbao European Encounters creates a space to reflect on and analyse the need to align the ecological and digital transitions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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In addition to the conferences, Green Digital has included new activities especially oriented towards citizens, such as round tables and workshops.


Digital transition, energy transition, social justice...

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On topical issues with high-level participants

Beers & Politics

With Juan Luis Cano and Cristina Monge

Justification of the "Green Digital" theme

The ecological and digital transitions are the two key issues of our time. As set out in the European Green New Deal, and the Next Generation programme. But how can we ensure that they are moving in the same and not opposite directions? The Green Digital Congress is dedicated to answering this.

The digital transformation economy can change how we see and do things and generate new models of entrepreneurship, such as innovation through cooperation (collective intelligence and open experimentation) and new opportunities for social activism. Also, data-driven public policies will contribute to less speculative decision-making models, reducing risks and uncertainties. However, all of this must be framed within the need for ecological transition and sustainability. If successful, both transformations will feed each other and produce greater results in less time.


For the 2022 edition, we will be joined by experts from a diverse set of disciplines to help understand the complexity of each transition.

carme artigas
Carme Artigas SEDIA
Narmine Abou Bakari Green European Foundation
Andres Ortega
Andrés Ortega Observatorio de las ideas
Cristina Monge
Cristina Monge
Fiachra O Brolchain (University College of Dublin)
carme artigas
Carme Artigas SEDIA
Narmine Abou Bakari Green European Foundation


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