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Globernance continues its mission to bring citizens closer to the process of reflection on the challenges facing European integration today. In this sense, Globernance presents the new edition of the Bilbao European Encounters under the GREEN DIGITAL CONFERENCE banner. The 9th edition will reflect on the need to align both the ecological and the digital transitions to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 Agenda.

A result:

Bilbao Green Digital Declaration


Una Declaración de Bilbao (2022) por una digitalización sostenible y verde y por un uso de las tecnologías digitales para afrontar la emergencia climática.


The VIII edition of the Bilbao European Encounters (2021), which took place over three days, included meetings between academics and leading professionals and addressed: “THE CHALLENGES OF THE DIGITAL TRANSITION IN EUROPE”:

  1. “THE EUROPEAN MODEL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”: analysed if, in the face of global Artificial Intelligence development trends, there is room for a European model that is more protective of people’s rights and ultimately their freedom of choice.
  2. “ALGORITHMIC EQUALITY”: delved into the perverse effect of the biases inherent in all algorithms on equality between individuals.
  3. “THE FIGHT AGAINST DISINFORMATION IN EUROPE”: looked to establish what measures the EU was taking, or should be taking, to deal with the huge amount of false information generated by Artificial Intelligence systems.


You can view the three sessions in the video below. If there are conclusions, they could be linked in some way.

At the 2022 edition, under the Green Digital Congress banner, a further step will be taken to analyse the necessary synergies and contradictions to be overcome when facing two of Europe’s great challenges: the digital transition and the ecological transition.

Where will it be held?

The 2022 edition will be held at the Azkuna Zentroa on the 17th and the BBK Kuna on the 18th.


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